Working with Carlson’s network license manager

You can find instructions for installing Carlson Software’s network license manager here: Carlson KB 55: Setting Up License Server and Requesting A Network License.

See also:

Carlson KB 59: What does Network License Manager do?

Carlson KB 211: Troubleshooting the Network License Manager

Carlson KB 612: Carlson Software’s Network License Manager – An Overview

Carlson KB 903: License Manager System Requirements

Carlson KB 1069: Network Licenses and Software, Checking Out A Network License (In-Program License Commute Procedure)

Carlson KB 507: Checking Out a Network License (BEFORE Disconnecting from the Network) – RECOMMENDED METHOD

Carlson KB 218: Sending a Network License To A Remote User (Off-Site) – ADVANCED METHOD

Carlson KB 999: How Carlson Software’s End-User License Agreement Applies to Networked Software

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