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[FAQ420] I’ve Installed My Carlson Software – Now What Do I Do?

Just getting started…? Try these FAQs!

Installing and Registering

FAQ: How do I register my Carlson Software? And what are change keys?

FAQ: Can I install my Carlson desktop software on two computers?

FAQ: What happens if I get a new computer and need to reinstall Carlson?

FAQ: What happens if I get a new computer and need to reinstall Carlson?

Tracking my Licenses and Keeping Up to Date

FAQ: That CAD Girl Customer Portal

FAQ: My Maintenance is Current… Where’s My Upgrade?

FAQ: When I upgrade, do I immediately lose access to the older version of my software?

FAQ: I can’t seem to keep up with my Carlson maintenance – Can you help?

FAQ: Do I qualify for an automatic upgrade to the new version of Carlson?

Technical Support

FAQ: Where do I get support for Carlson Software and how much will it cost me?

FAQ: How can I be sure I’m running the latest build of my Carlson Software?

FAQ: How can I find out when new versions or builds of Carlson are released?

FAQ: Where do I find the build date or build number of my Carlson Software?

FAQ: I think I found a bug in my Carlson Software – how can I get it resolved?

FAQ: What is the latest and greatest version/build of my Carlson Software? (a running thread)

FAQ: What is “The Little CAD Engine That Could” Website?


FAQ: What options do I have for training on CAD or Carlson Software?

FAQ: What is Carlson Academy?

Self-Study Training Manuals: 1) Getting Started: Settings, Setup, Configuration and Points and 2) Field to Finish

FAQ: Am I eligible to attend your Carlson Software webinars for free?

FAQ: Before I buy, can I attend a webinar for free?

FAQ: Does That CAD Girl training qualify for PDH/CEU/continuing education credit?


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