Yes. Each standalone license of Carlson can be installed on two computers for your personal use. For instance, install at home and at the office or on your office desktop computer and your field laptop. But, if you own one license, both computers cannot be using Carlson at the same time or it is a violation of your Carlson Software License Agreement (EULA).

For your 2nd installation, follow the same steps to download and, during the installation process, use your same serial number. The key to NOT getting in trouble is how you register it the first time it launches on the 2nd computer. The image below shows the Install Info tab of the registration dialog box.

You must specify the Reason for Installation from one of these 5 options:







  1. Initial install or maintenance update of Carlson
  2. Re-installation of Carlson
  3. Windows or AutoCAD Upgrade
  4. Home/Field use. See License Agreement.
  5. New Hardware (new hard drive, network card, new computer)

For your 2nd installation, you’d choose option #4. It’s a little dated but you can refer to this Knowledge Base article from Carlson’s website explaining these options: Carlson KB 893: Desktop Software Reasons for Registration. This FAQ explains where to find your Carlson Software License Agreement (EULA).

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