It’s free. It’s always free. Straight from Carlson. Or straight from That CAD Girl. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re on the latest version or on a version that’s 10 years old – it’s always free.

You can email Carlson tech support or call (606) 564-5028. You might also check Carlson’s Knowledge Base site which provides answers to many common questions including KB 1078: Troubleshooting Guide

Because we Carlson as our backup, That CAD Girl also tries to answer as many tech support questions as we can. You can follow this link to send us a Request for Tech Support.

Pro-Tip!: When calling or emailing for technical support, the first question you’ll likely get from either me or Carlson is “Are you using the current build?”. If you want us to love you even more and help us answer your question in the first phone call, make sure to say, “Oh, by the way, I’ve already checked and I’m using the current build”.

FAQ: Where do I find the build date or build number of my Carlson Software?

FAQ: What is the latest and greatest version/build of my Carlson Software? (a running thread)

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