CAD Skills Testing

When you need to hire experienced designers, their resume and work experience usually speaks for itself.

But That CAD Girl can help you find that diamond-in-the-rough… That beginning user who, with proper training, can become your most trusted CAD drafter or designer.

Through our unique testing process we can provide a reasonable expectation of the prospect’s attention to detail, his or her desire to increase efficiency and ability to progress with training.

Productivity Assessments

The design software that we all use is many things… but it is not cheap!

It only makes sense to use the software as effectively and efficiently as possible in order to get the software do as much work for you as possible.

That CAD Girl Productivity Assessments include a thorough discussion and review process with your staff to identify redundancies and ways to improve your processes from the moment you spec out a new project until you put it to bed.

Sometimes the main recommendation coming out of a productivity assessment is more training so that your staff gets more out of the software you own but sometimes it’s as simple as changing the order of operations.

It’s all about working “smarter, not harder”.

CAD Standards Development

Our philosophy on CAD standards?

The only way to ensure users follow your CAD standard is to make it easier to do it the right way than it is to do it the wrong way.

Whether it’s the National CAD Standard or one developed in your office, That CAD Girl can assist you in creating new CAD standards or migrating old standards to one that is more streamlined and easier to follow.

We can also assist in creating:

  • Custom linetypes
  • Hard copy or online handbooks
  • Drawing template files
  • Tool Palettes or Symbol Libraries
  • Standards “check” files
  • Menu items that force the use of standard layers and linetypes
  • Carlson Standard Settings
  • Carlson Field to Finish code files


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