I can’t say that I use the embedded AutoCAD (OEM) version a lot because, to me, the platform underneath is much closer to an AutoCAD LT than it is to an AutoCAD and there are many functions I miss. And, since AutoCAD and IntelliCAD are so similar, it makes sense to also compare the features and functionality of the embedded AutoCAD products with IntelliCAD.

Some AutoCAD commands, such as the Layer Tools that used to be in Express Tools and are now in the Layers II toolbar of AutoCAD, have been built into the Carlson menus. So even though you may not find the Layers II toolbar you can still freeze and isolate layers by picking entities on the screen.

I’ll keep this post as a running thread and will add to it as I come across functions or features you may miss.

Differences between embedded AutoCAD (OEM) and full AutoCAD or IntelliCAD:

  • In OEM – Can’t load LSP files (verified in 2016). This is possible in AutoCAD and IntelliCAD.
  • In OEM – Can’t change command aliases (acad.pgp) or Carlson QuickKeys (verified in 2016) – although you may find a workaround in this Carlson KB Article:Bits and Pieces. This is possible in AutoCAD and IntelliCAD.
  • In OEM – The command REGEN is available but REGENALL is not (verified in 2016). This is possible in AutoCAD and IntelliCAD.
  • In OEM – Carlson Startup Settings (aka Launch Options) such as setting a default template (.dwt) file are not available in the OEM (verified in 2016). This is possible in AutoCAD and IntelliCAD.
  • In OEM and IntelliCAD – Express Tools aren’t available. However, you can use Carlson’s Layer Tools and Layer Toolbar as a workaround to replace the Express Tools Layers commands and the Layers II toolbar.

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