Updated August 2019:

Carlson Software running on Windows 10 seems to present just a couple of issues: registration and graphics card/performance. If you encounter any issues you may also want to check in here to see if you can narrow down the problem: KB 1078: Troubleshooting Guide.


When Windows 10 originally came out, Carlson 2015 and earlier versions would not install and Carlson had to change the program to make it work, so Carlson 2016 was the first one supported on Windows 10. Microsoft may have changed Windows 10 since then and it’s possible that these versions will install today.

If you ARE able to install these versions, Carlson will able to help with the registration; however, every time Windows 10 has major update, Carlson products prior to the 2017 release will likely lose their registration and will have to be re-registered because Windows changes the signature that was used for the initial registration. Carlson has re-worked this mechanism to avoid the problem in later releases.

Graphics Cards and Performance Issues:

Carlson KB1108: Slow entities creation and modification on Windows 10

Carlson KB1123: Changing graphics card settings to use your dedicated GPU on a Windows computer

Carlson KB1131: NVidia video card: visual artifacts, pixelized lines, wrong text display

Only one that seems to show up every once in awhile… But it’s Microsoft’s fault!!

Windows 10 does updates – automatic updates – a lot. And, sometimes these updates can mess with your Carlson license registration. Carlson has free technical support so you can always call 606.564.5028 or email them at support@carlsonsw.com during regular business hours but, if this happens on a weekend, their support staff is probably out enjoying Kentucky bourbon. Or something.

So, when Murphy’s Law strikes, you can refer to this Knowledge Base article on Carlson’s website: Carlson KB 995: Windows 10 effect on previously registered software.

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