The change from a perpetual license model (you purchase once and continue to use it forever) to a subscription license model (you pay by the month or by the year for access) in our little CAD corner of the world has sparked a lot of questions, debate and heartburn.

In 2015 Autodesk announced they would be shifting toward a subscription model of delivery for their AutoCAD-based products. Although some Autodesk accounts and products were grandfathered in, any new purchases of AutoCAD are now available by subscription only. And, the kicker, you stop paying, you can’t access the software or your data.

Carlson Software remains committed to the perpetual license model where you, the user, never have to worry about losing access to your software or data. Carlson’s desktop software includes a license of IntelliCAD so, if you ever stop paying for your AutoCAD, Carlson with IntelliCAD can give you another option to open your DWG files. If you want to ensure you have “perpetual” access to all your other data such as points, surfaces, road designs and more – make sure you archive your project data to Land XML files so that it can be retrieved with other land development, survey, civil and construction software programs.

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