This is another one of those maybes

The only time I’d recommend networking individual licenses such as Survey, Survey OEM, Civil, etc. is if you have 2 or more people who can literally share a license. For instance, if you have a technician who works in one office or on one computer from 8-12 and another who works in a different office or computer from 1-5 then, yes, network away!

Using this example, only one license will ever be in use at any one time so you would only need to buy one networked license that can be shared on multiple computers.

Networking one or more licenses of individual seats can also be beneficial if you have several people using the software part-time. Maybe you buy 3 licenses for 4 to share because only 3 people will ever be using it at the same time.

All that being said, networking one of Carlson’s Suites (Civil or Takeoff) can potentially save a lot of money. Civil Suite includes 4 programs: Survey, Civil, Hydrology and GIS. Takeoff Suite includes 4 as well: Construction, CADNet, GeoTech and Trench. If you network either of the Suites, each of those programs acts like an individual license. Sweet Suite!

So, if you buy one standalone license of Civil Suite, that license is registered to one user who can access any of the 4 programs at will. But, if you network that Civil Suite, you can have one person working in Survey at the same time someone else is working in Civil, while a 3rd person is working in Hydrology and a 4th is in GIS.

Even though this sounds like a great way to save money, you should also be aware that sharing licenses can also become a headache to your staff and lead to some loss in productivity. It’s like anything else, networking the Suites has its pros and cons.

You may also want to refer to this updated FAQ: Working with Carlson’s network license manager for more information.

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