You have options as to the platform: embedded AutoCAD (OEM), on top of full-AutoCAD or IntelliCAD


Carlson has Free Technical Support regardless of whether your software is 1 year or 10 years old or even if you’re still trying it out before buying.


 Carlson gives you the ability to design dynamically but does it with basic CAD entities such as lines, polylines, text and blocks which makes it easy to share drawings with others.

No more proxy entities or AECC Objects to fight with!


 Carlson doesn’t retire their products and never forces you to upgrade. Their annual maintenance is optional.


 Carlson Plays Well With Others: Their goal is to have their software be compatible with as many other software and hardware manufacturers as possible. There is a seemingly endless list of “Import from…” and “Export to…” commands in the software.


 Carlson gives you the tools you need.

The first 7 or 8 menus in all programs are identical and have all the basic tools you need to be more productive. Here are just some of the things you can do in every program:

Work natively in DWG files and import/export DGN, DXF & DWF
Import and Export LandXML/RoadXML/Google Earth files
Full management and editing of point data including point groups
and edit tracking
Esri-powered Search Published Control feature
Export files for many GPS-guided machine control systems
Customize project folders & sub-folders to organize project data
Drawing Cleanup
Join Nearest
Drawing Inspector
Layer Inspector
Shrinkwrap Entities
Twist Screen
2D and 3D Polyline utilities such as reverse polyline, add/remove segments, add/remove vertices, daylight polyline to surface, etc
Layer Tools such as Erase and Copy by layer, Isolate, Restore
3D Viewer Window
Surface 3D Viewer

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