Carlson Platform Options

IntelliCAD/for CAD

Carlson Software’s desktop programs can be installed as a standalone program on top of IntelliCAD or on top of your separately purchased, full-AutoCAD-based program.

Carlson includes the latest version of IntelliCAD with every purchase.

The full-AutoCAD-based program can be AutoCAD, AutoCAD Map, Land Desktop, Civil 3D or other vertical – but does NOT include AutoCAD LT.

Embedded AutoCAD (OEM)

Carlson Survey and Takeoff can also be purchased and installed standalone with embedded AutoCAD (also known as the OEM version).

The embedded AutoCAD (OEM) programs include a limited, stripped-down version of AutoCAD that has functionality similar to AutoCAD LT.

The embedded AutoCAD (OEM) programs do not include IntelliCAD and do not require a separate purchase of AutoCAD.

The embedded AutoCAD (OEM) programs are a completely separate install than the programs that run with IntelliCAD or separately purchased license of full-AutoCAD and, although both programs can be installed on the same computer, the programs cannot be “combined”. For instance, if you own a license Survey OEM and also a license of Carlson GIS with IntelliCAD and need to access commands in both programs for work on a single drawing (.dwg) file, you would have to close the drawing out of the Survey OEM and then open it in the GIS program to do the work there.

Refer to our Buying Guide FAQs for pros and cons and more information about the different platforms.

Retail Pricing for Carlson Software

Current as of October 2019

ProgramRetail Price of StandaloneRetail Price of NetworkThat CAD Girl Pricing
Select Suite - Pick 6 (from Survey, Civil, Hydrology, GIS, Point Cloud Basic, CadNet)$ 4,750$ 5,225* See in store
Select Suite - Pick 5 (from Survey, Civil, Hydrology, GIS, Point Cloud Basic, CadNet)$ 4,350$ 4,785* See in store
Civil Suite or Select Suite Pick 4 (from Survey, Civil, Hydrology, GIS, Point Cloud Basic, CadNet)$ 3,950$ 4,345* See in store
Select Suite - Pick 3 (from Survey, Civil, Hydrology, GIS, Point Cloud Basic, CadNet)$ 3,550$ 3,905* See in store
Select Suite - Pick 2 (from Survey, Civil, Hydrology, GIS, Point Cloud Basic, CadNet)$ 2,950$ 3,135* See in store
Survey$ 1,950$ 2,145* See in store
Civil$ 1,750$ 1,925* See in store
Hydrology$ 1,250$ 1,375* See in store
GIS$ 1,095$ 1,205* See in store
Takeoff Suite
(Construction, CADNet, Trench, GeoTech)
$ 7,500$ 8,250* See in store
Construction$ 3,750$ 4,125* See in store
CADNet$ 1,595$ 1,755* See in store
Trench$ 1,595$ 1,755* See in store
GeoTech$ 1,595$ 1,755* See in store
Takeoff with embedded AutoCAD (OEM)$ 9,000$ 9,900* See in store
Survey with embedded AutoCAD (OEM)$ 2,995$ 3,295* See in store
Other Software or HardwareRequest Pricing
or *See in store

* Prices shown in our online store reflects Carlson Software’s Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policy but additional discounts may be available through That CAD Girl by requesting custom pricing.

Carlson Software Annual Maintenance

Carlson’s Annual Maintenance is an OPTIONAL program that allows you to keep your software up-to-date with the latest version of the software. Every new license includes 90 days of maintenance for free. This ensures that, if a new version is released within 90 days of your purchase, you will automatically receive the newest version of the software.

If it is renewed prior to expiration, maintenance costs 10% of the retail price of the software. See Upgrading Carlson Software below for more information about renewals after maintenance has expired.

Carlson’s Annual Maintenance is NOT available for embedded AutoCAD (OEM) products, for SurvCE or for SurvPC. It is only available for IntelliCAD/for CAD-based products.

Carlson’s policy on Software Maintenance can be viewed by clicking here.

ProgramRetail Price
of Standalone
Annual Maintenance
for Standalone
Retail Price
of Network
Annual Maintenance
for Network
Select Suite Pick 6$ 4,750$ 475$ 5,225$ 522.50
Select Suite Pick 5$ 4,350$ 435$ 4,785$ 478.50
Select Suite Pick 4$ 3,950$ 395$ 4,345$ 434.50
Select Suite Pick 3$ 3,550$ 355$ 3,905$ 390.50
Select Suite Pick 2$ 2,750$ 275$ 3,025$ 302.50
Civil Suite$ 3,950$ 395$ 4,345$ 434.50
Survey$ 1,950$ 195$ 2,145$ 214.50
Civil$ 1,750$ 175$ 1,925$ 192.50
Hydrology$ 1,250$ 125$ 1,375$ 137.50
GIS$ 1,095$ 109.50$ 1,205$ 120.50
Takeoff Suite$ 7,500$ 750$ 8,250$ 825.00
Construction$ 3,750$ 375$ 4,125$ 412.50
CADNet$ 1,595$ 159.50$ 1,755$ 175.45
Trench$ 1,595$ 159.50$ 1,755$ 175.50
GeoTech$ 1,595$ 159.50$ 1,755$ 175.50

Upgrading Carlson Software

Upgrading IntelliCAD/for CAD Products

Upgrading Carlson’s non-OEM desktop products is done through the Maintenance Plan.

If it is renewed prior to expiration, maintenance costs 10% of the retail price of the software. If Maintenance is not renewed prior to expiration, a 1-year Maintenance Plan costs 15% of software list price and increases by 5% per year after the expiration date.

If your license is not currently on maintenance, you can pay the maintenance fee plus an expiration fee which will both upgrade you to the current version of the program AND include any upgrades that are released within the maintenance year.

Maintenance StatusAnnual Maintenance
(Percentage of Retail)
Expiration Fee
(Percentage of Retail)
Total Fee
(Percentage of Retail)
1 year behind10%10%15%
2 years behind10%20%20%
3 years behind10%30%25%
4 or more years behind10%40%50%

Sample Upgrade & Maintenance Renewal Pricing

Program# of Years ExpiredRetail PriceTotal Fee
(Percentage of Retail)
Total Fee to Upgrade and/or
Renew Maintenance for 1 Year
maintenance is current
$ 1,85010%$ 185.00
SurveyLess than 1
maintenance has expired
$ 1,85020%$ 370.00
Networked SurveyLess than 1
maintenance has expired
$ 2,03520%$ 407.00
Civil Suite or Select Suite Pick 40
maintenance is current
$ 3,95010%$ 395.00
Civil Suite or Select Suite Pick 4Less than 1
maintenance has expired
$ 3,95020%$ 790.00
Networked Civil Suite or Select Suite Pick 4Less than 1
maintenance has expired
$ 4,34520%$ 869.00

Upgrading Survey and Takeoff with Embedded AutoCAD (OEM) Products

The cost to upgrade Carlson’s OEM products varies depending on the program and how many versions behind you are.

Follow this link then click on Request a Custom Proposal to request upgrade pricing.

Competitive Upgrades

Periodically That CAD Girl offers competitive upgrade pricing for anyone wishing to trade-in Civil 3d, Land Desktop, Eagle Point, Terra Model or other similar product.

Follow this link then click on Request a Custom Proposal to see if additional discounts are available.

System Requirements for Desktop Software

Because it changes from version to version, my “go-to” answer is going to always point to this page where Carlson lists the minimum system requirements for running Carlson with embedded AutoCAD (OEM), on top of AutoCAD and with IntelliCAD.

You may also keep an eye on our System Requirements and Hardware Compatibility FAQs for the latest information.

30 Day Trials

Want to try before you buy? Any Carlson desktop software is available for a 30 day trial – just Click right here!

Then click on Request a 30 day Trial Serial Number

Once you decide to purchase, you won’t even need to uninstall. You can activate your software by simply updating your registration with your purchased serial number.

Technical Support & Training

Carlson Software offers FREE technical support for Carlson Software and IntelliCAD. This is the case whether you are running the latest version of Carlson or one that’s 10 years old or, even, if you’re only trying before you buy.

You can see all the opportunities for training with That CAD Girl here and you can follow these links for to see our FAQs about the training and technical support available from Carlson and That CAD Girl.

    If you find the material on this website helpful, please consider supporting That CAD Girl by requesting a custom proposal the next time you need to renew your maintenance, upgrade or purchase new software.


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