The developers at Carlson Software that work on desktop programs with IntelliCAD are constantly chasing bugs and updating the program. In addition, the IntelliCAD developers at the ITC are also updating that platform program regularly.

Across all software platforms, the nature of bug fixes is that, when you fix one… you might create several more. And the new ones may be absolute show-stoppers that Murphy’s Law guarantees will happen on a weekend when projects need to be completed and no one is on-duty at Carlson to help.

Fear of that happening on a broad-scale is one reason that Carlson only posts a new Build, with updates to both the IntelliCAD and Carlson programs, every few months.

So, as a way to incorporate and test more often, Carlson’s development team has been posting interim TESTING Builds to a separate website – The Little CAD Engine That Could – for many years.

Users who are comfortable working in testing/beta releases of Carlson with IntelliCAD can find additional testing Builds at this website and, if you report a bug to Carlson Support, they may point you here as well.

Two of my favorite things about the posted Builds at The Little CAD Engine That Could are

1) there is a Comment section that allows the developers to describe the bugs that have been fixed in the Build and allows users to provide feedback and comments and

2) in addition to providing links to update to the newer testing Build, they also provide links to revert to previous Builds that may end up being more stable.


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