If it is renewed prior to expiration, maintenance costs 10% of the retail price of the software. If Maintenance is not renewed prior to expiration, a 1-year Maintenance Plan costs 15% of software list price and increases by 5% per year after the expiration date.

If your license is not currently on maintenance, you can pay the maintenance fee plus an expiration fee which will both upgrade you to the current version of the program AND include any upgrades that are released within the maintenance year.

Carlson’s policy on Software Maintenance can be viewed by clicking here.

Maintenance StatusAnnual Maintenance
(Percentage of Retail)
Expiration Fee
(Percentage of Retail)
Total Fee
(Percentage of Retail)
Expired less than 1 year10%5%15%
Expired more than 1 year10%10%20%
Expired more than 2 years10%15%25%
Expired more than 3 years10%20%30%
Expired more than 4 years10%25%35%
Expired more than 5 years10%30%40%
Expired more than 6 years10%35%45%
Expired more than 7 years10%40%50%

ProgramRetail Price
of Standalone
Annual Maintenance
for Standalone
Retail Price
of Network
Annual Maintenance
for Network
Civil Suite$ 3,750$ 375$ 4,125$ 412.50
Survey$ 1,750$ 175$ 1,925$ 192.50
Civil$ 1,750$ 175$ 1,925$ 192.50
Hydrology$ 1,250$ 125$ 1,375$ 137.50
GIS$ 1,095$ 109.50$ 1,205$ 120.50
Takeoff Suite$ 7,500$ 750$ 8,250$ 825.00
Construction$ 3,750$ 375$ 4,125$ 412.50
CADNet$ 1,595$ 159.50$ 1,755$ 175.45
Trench$ 1,595$ 159.50$ 1,755$ 175.50
GeoTech$ 1,595$ 159.50$ 1,755$ 175.50

Sample Upgrade & Maintenance Renewal Pricing

ProgramYear(s) Past Maintenance
Retail PriceTotal Fee
(Percentage of Retail)
Total Fee to Upgrade and
Renew Maintenance for 1 Year
SurveyLess than 1$ 1,75015%$ 262.50
Networked SurveyLess than 1$ 1,92515%$ 288.75
Civil SuiteMore than 1, less than 2$ 3,75020%$ 750.00
Networked Civil SuiteMore than 2, less than 3$ 4,12525%$ 1031.25

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