Did you know… About Temporary Overrides?

There are others, but my two favorites are:

  • Holding Shift while in a Draw or Modify command allows you to override your current ORTHO setting.

So, if you’re drawing a line and ORTHO is Off, holding Shift will temporarily turn ORTHO On. As soon as you let up on the Shift key, ORTHO will be Off again. Likewise, if ORTHO is On, holding Shift will temporarily turn it Off.

  • Holding Shift while in the Fillet command allows you to override your current Radius setting and apply a Radius of 0.0 between the two selected entities.

So, if you’re drawing a parking lot and find yourself constantly changing your Fillet Radius between 0.0 and another value to create both sharp and rounded corners, leave the Radius set to something other than 0.0 and just hold Shift when you pick the two entities to apply a 0.0 Radius.


These Temporary Overrides are available in all “flavors” of AutoCAD as well as in IntelliCAD.



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