Carlson Software and Windows 8

Now that many (most? all?) new computers are shipping with Windows 8, Carlson Software users are curious whether or not their software will run on the new operating system.

I recently asked Carlson’s tech support team about the compatibility of Carlson with Windows 8 and received the following response:

At this time, Carlson 2013 is not officially supported on Windows 8. However, testing we have done on Windows 8 has been largely successful with the following observations:

  • If Carlson installs cleanly without error, it should run correctly.
  • In some cases, you may encounter install errors. We are currently addressing these issues for Carlson 2013 products – these updates will be available in the next builds that we post.
  • Older Carlson products will remain AS IS – we will not be updating the installs. But again, but if a given product installs without error, it should run fine.
  • As a general rule, products supported on Windows 7 should run on Windows 8.
  • It has been our experience that using the “compatibility mode” option is not recommended.

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