That CAD Girl Has Some News to Share!
And we promise to make it a WIN! – WIN! – WIN!

We have some news to share! And it’s guaranteed to be…

A WIN for YOU – our current or future customers!

A WIN for Carlson Software!

A WIN for That CAD Girl and Carlson CAD Solutions!

I can’t believe it’s been 22 years since I launched That CAD Girl… wow! That’s so long ago you can be forgiven for not remembering that That CAD Girl started out by providing support and training for Land Desktop and Civil 3D 😊

By 2007, That CAD Girl had already changed directions by providing support and training for Carlson Software’s desktop products. When Carlson approached me about becoming an Authorized Reseller, I agreed, and the race was on!

Thanks to you, and the trust you’ve shown by sticking with me, That CAD Girl has been the top reseller of Carlson Software’s desktop products since 2010.

I truly believe the reason we’ve had such success as a Carlson Authorized Reseller is because we offer support and training – before and after the sale. Like our motto says – That CAD Girl helps you buy what you need – and use what you buy!

The down-side of all that success with selling software is that it left me with hardly any time for training – and I’m not complaining… it’s been a good problem to have!

Claire DiBlasi officially came on-board as “That CAD Girl’s Right-Hand” back in 2021. Our goal was for her to, eventually, handle all the software sales so I could get back to training. Claire is such a rock-star – she learned to fill my shoes in less than two years! She’s been handling most of the sales and maintenance renewal orders for a while now and I feel so blessed to have found someone who takes care of our customers the way I would. There have been so many times that I’ve read her emailed response to someone and had to double-check to make sure I hadn’t written it myself. You are in good hands with Claire!

Now for that News I mentioned up top… we have decided to let Claire launch a new division of That CAD Girl called Carlson CAD Solutions that will focus exclusively on sales of Carlson Software!

This will allow me to focus all future efforts of That CAD Girl on training and support of CAD and Carlson Software for the benefit of end-users, other software dealers and Carlson Software (the Company) – WIN! – WIN! – WIN!

What, exactly, will be changing?
We have a new website at that will become the Online Store for software. If you need to purchase new licenses of Carlson Software or request custom pricing for upgrades and maintenance renewals, please visit

The current site at will soon transition into one that is dedicated ONLY to support and training of CAD and Carlson Software. We will no longer sell software on this website.

Sales of Carlson from will offer the best discounts in addition to all the same FREE training from That CAD Girl that you’ve received in the past.

What isn’t changing? That CAD Girl WILL CONTINUE to help you buy what you need – and use what you buy!

What other changes are coming?

  • There will be a lot of cross-pollination… will provide links to for training and support AND will link to and/or other trusted partners
  • Claire has a new phone number and email address!
    She’ll start using [email protected] and will gradually let her old email forward to my [email protected] address before it is eventually deactivated. The new phone number for Claire and Carlson CAD Solutions is (804) CARLSON – or (804) 227-5766
  • For now, That CAD Girl and Carlson CAD Solutions will have a shared Customer Portal. However, there will eventually be two separate portals – one for managing software licenses and the other for accessing links, recordings and certificates for training.

Please have patience with us for the next few weeks as we work to sort out the logistics of covering sales, support and training going forward. We want to organize services between Claire and me, and the two websites in a logical fashion with a goal of making it easy for you to find what you’re looking for.

We are sincerely relying on your feedback about what you like, and what you don’t, so don’t be shy! Please reach out to Claire or me at any time – our contact information is at the bottom of this letter.

We will do everything in our power to follow through on our promise of a WIN! – WIN! – WIN! for everyone.

Jennifer DiBona, That CAD Girl
(254) 417-8351 or [email protected]

Claire DiBlasi, Carlson CAD Solutions (a division of That CAD Girl)
(804) 227-5766 or [email protected]


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