Does Carlson Software REALLY Have All the Answers for Surveyors?

Carlson Survey Training

Well, you can be the judge! This is a very well-developed Case Study authored by Carlson Survey Training Specialist Doug Aaberg and published in xyHt magazine (which you SHOULD subscribe to by-the way…)

I think regular attendees of our Webinar Series have gotten a bit of a preview of Doug’s case-study in the webinars he presented for us in March and April. Doug is already on the schedule for Carlson Survey Training for May and June and we have tentative plans for future, ongoing, monthly webinars with him.

Our webinar series is free for anyone who purchases software directly through That CAD Girl or you can purchase a 3-month or 12-month pass through our online store. If you’re not sure about all that… just pre-register here to attend as a guest. We’d love to have you!

And, although the webinars are intended to be live and interactive, if you’d really, really, REALLY like to see a recording of a webinar you missed, please email me and I’ll see what I can do 🙂


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