Managing your View Cube in Carlson 2024 with IntelliCAD

When I first launched Carlson 2024 with IntelliCAD, my first reaction was, “What’s that cube-thingy doing in my drawing screen?? And how do I turn it off?”. The formal name for the “cube-thingy” is a VIEW CUBE and, as I learned, turning it off wasn’t as easy as I thought.

Here is what Carlson’s IntelliCAD manual explains about the VIEW CUBE:

The view cube is a navigation tool that indicates the current viewing direction and allows you to switch between preset views and custom viewing directions. You can also use the view cube to change the coordinate system and switch between ortho­graphic and perspective projections.

The view cube displays in the current viewport when working in 2D model space or a 3D visual style. It becomes active when you move the mouse over it, and it can dis­play with transparency or not at all when inactive.

I decided to upload a very short video that shows you how to turn it off – in case, like me, that’s your preference!


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