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Sit Back, Relax and Learn About the National CAD Standard!

National CAD Standard

What could be more exciting? Nevermind, no need to respond.

Anyhoo… If you are interested in learning more about the National CAD Standard (NCS) and how it might help streamline your projects, take an hour and attend this live presentation to get your questions answered!

Did you think the NCS is only for architects? Is it just for CAD? Or BIM? Wondering if it’s as scary as you’ve always imagined? Need a quick overview to see what’s in there?

Aside from default settings in the programs (hello CONT-MNR and CONT-MJR!), there have never really been CAD standards in the land surveying & civil engineering world but the National CAD Standard is a good option for those who want a quick-start. Carlson Software and Civil 3d both include NCS-based templates on installation and it’s easier than ever to implement.

Also, attend this webinar to learn more about what the Survey/Civil Task Team has already accomplished in making the NCS more applicable to those of us in the land development industries.

Here’s that link to REGISTER again2016-05-03_16-43-40

Virtual Workshops! That CAD Girl & Carlson Software

Many of you have been to our end-of-year workshops where we have a full day of presentations, software specials and giveaways but, because of holidays and travel etc, attending has not been an option for a lot of others who would like to attend.

So this is something new we’re trying in May – humor us as we’re going to try to replicate the workshops online! We won’t be able to serve our excellent Carolina BBQ but, other than that, we’re going to try to do everything else. Somehow.

Day One will be focused on Carlson Survey & GIS and Day Two on Civil & Hydrology – the details of each day’s classes are below.

Each day’s presentation will include 5 sessions and you will be able to attend any or all of them. Each session will vary in length and you will have an opportunity to ask questions and have them answered during the presentation.

Afterward we will be sending out email “confirmations of attendance” for each session that lists the name, date and time of the session, the presenter and how long you were logged into the session according to the Go To Webinar report. There is no guarantee you will be able to get PDH or CEU credit for the training but, depending on your state’s licensing board, the report we provide should be sufficient documentation.

Also, note that you must have registered and logged in under your personal name to get “credit” for attending each session. I will send reports of attendance based strictly on the details of the Go To Webinar report.

In addition to offering “day of show” software specials, we will also be doing software giveaways each day. It’ll be tricky but we’ll figure out a way!

The cost is $199 for each day of training but, if you are already eligible for my webinars (i.e. you’ve purchased software from me in the last 12 months) you can register for each day for $99. Also, we are offering $20 off for early registration.

There are limited “seats” available and the early registration deadline is May 6 – so sign up today!

See below for details and registration links

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Are you playing “Musical Chairs” with your money this week?

Seems like every day since Thanksgiving has a name… “Black Friday”, “Cyber Monday”, “Small Business Saturday”, etc. I tried to think of something catchy for today but “Musical Chairs Money Monday” doesn’t roll off the tongue even if it does capture the essence of the next few days.

Until I got in business for myself in 2001 I never fully appreciated how much business was transacted those last few days of the year – or why.  Now I understand it’s like playing musical chairs with your money… Spend! Spend! Spend! to make sure someone ELSE pays taxes on that money instead of you!

With that in mind, I am running some additional specials on software and hardware here at the very end of 2015 – including some specifically for new That CAD Girl customers.

Look for my Newsletter to go out later today (or tomorrow). You can sign up for the newsletter here or request a custom proposal here.

Learn More About Carlson Civil Suite and CADNet

Many of you have already taken me up on the offer to watch the recording of my recent Intro to CADNet: Working with Images and Linework webinar so I decided to do the same with today’s Overview Of Carlson Software: All Substance, No Styles webinar.

There are a lot of changes coming to purchasing options of some of the most widely used Survey and Civil software programs and, along with Carlson’s Year-End Specials, that means there’s no better time to investigate and evaluate Carlson to see if it would be a good substitute for your Land Desktop, Civil 3d, Eagle Point, TerraModel or other program.


Click here to request a custom proposal for adding CADNet to your existing license, for a new “Super-Sweet-Suite” that includes Survey, Civil, Hydrology, GIS AND CADNet or other Carlson software or hardware products.

Click here to learn more about my webinar series that’s included with every software purchase – We help you buy what you need AND use what you buy…



Carlson Civil Suite and CADNet

Overview of Carlson CADNet webinar – Working with Images & Converting to Linework

One of Carlson’s Year-End Specials this year is for existing Carlson users to add Carlson CADNet for $995 – the retail price is $1,595 and maintenance is an additional $159.50. (Hint: I provide additional discounts for existing and new customers!)

Understandably this has generated a lot of renewed interest in this module. I have received a lot of calls and emails from folks requesting more information and wondering if, and how, CADNet might increase your productivity.  So, in response, I’ve decided to post the recording of my October 8, 2015 webinar on the topic, “Overview of Carlson CADNet – Working with Images & Converting to Linework”.

Click here to request a custom proposal for adding CADNet to your existing license, for a new “Super-Sweet-Suite” that includes Survey, Civil, Hydrology, GIS AND CADNet or other Carlson software or hardware products.

Click here to request a custom proposal.

Click here to learn more about my webinar series that’s included with every software purchase – We help you buy what you need AND use what you buy…


See below for access to the CADNet webinar recording:

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It’s been a fun (and busy!) few weeks…

Thanks to everyone who attended our workshops in Statesville & Hendersonville this month! We were pretty much busting the seams of our event space in Hendersonville and we’ll be better prepared for the crowd next year. I think it’s safe to say we’ll be back for a full day.

Here are a few snapshots of me and “the crew” who helped create this 3-ring circus.

2015-11-17 17.10.27


From left: Jeremy Taylor, aka “That CAD Guy”; Mark Long, Civil & Hydrology Training and Support for Carlson Software; me; Scott Griffin, National Civil Sales Director for Carlson Software; Butch Herter, Director of Hardware for Carlson Software and Mike Jones, Inside Sales Support for Carlson Software.

Pardon the smirks – a crude comment was made instead of just saying “Cheese!”





2015-11-17 17.10.06



Yeah, this is a little more honest.

I think we were at the end… of the day.









Tuesday in Statesville






2015-11-17 10.00.14



Tiny bit of false advertising.

This is Jeremy, That CAD Guy, explaining the ins-and-outs of Traverse Adjustment in Carlson Survey.





Feel like you missed out? There’s still time to register for our encore presentations in Raleigh in mid-December. Click here to find out more

Christmas comes early… Carlson just announced their year-end specials!

Well, it says November 1st but I just received an email that they’ve launched this promotion today to coincide with a magazine advertisement! I know a lot of you have been waiting for this promotion and it’s finally here.

For a limited time I’m also offering a special “build-your-own-suite” package that will allow you to choose any 4 of these programs to create the bundle that works best for you: Survey, Civil, Hydrology, GIS, CADNet, Trench or GeoTech.


You can request a custom proposal if you’re interested in the “build-your-own-suite” or visit my online store here to purchase the standard Civil Suite and maintenance.

Remember, all purchases through That CAD Girl make you and your co-workers eligible for a year of our live, interactive webinars (see list of upcoming topics here) so you won’t simply be left on your own to learn a new software. Documentation of attendance will be provided so you may also receive PDH credit from your licensing agency.

Follow up: If You’re Not Using LandXML, You Should Be… (yes, all of you!)

We had a great turnout for our LandXML webinar last week and I was excited to have Nathan Crews join us to wrap it up and put a bow-tie on my presentation! Nathan is the developer of LandXML and is the custodian of

He joined us to explain some of the history of LandXML, give a preview of where LandXML 2.0 is going and also provide an update as to the organizations that are currently (and planning on) standardizing on LandXML.

As a primer, you can read this article from Machine Control Online last year. And, if you missed it, you can register below to watch the 9/17/2015 webinar:

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2015 That CAD Girl & Carlson Software Training Workshops

Can’t believe we’re ready to start registration for end-of-year workshops already! What happened to March…?!

We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone again and I’ve gotten quite a few inquiries already wondering if and when and where we’re holding events this year.  As to the when and where, the list is below. We’ve really had a great turnout in the Asheville area for the 1/2 day sessions the past couple years so we’re coming back for a full day this year.

Because we’ve had a good number of people want to attend both days in Statesville or Raleigh we’ve decided to restructure things a bit so that we don’t repeat any major presentation over the two days we’re in one location. That way you can attend both days if you need the credit or are just interested in the material. Although my CAD Tips & Tricks is listed both days in Statesville & Raleigh, I’ll have a completely different presentation each day. The two days in Raleigh will mostly be a repeat of the two days in Statesville.

The registration fee for all events is $99 but an early registration discount is in effect through 9/30 for the Hendersonville (Asheville area) & Statesville events and through 10/31 for Raleigh events.

As always, we’ll have snacks and box lunches along with software, hardware and maintenance renewal specials. And it’s always fun seeing what we can convince Carlson to provide for giveaways at the end of the day!

See links below to register and to download the announcements for each event: Continue reading