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cad03-13I keep recommending you read his articles, so go ahead and subscribe to his newsletter already! Subscribe to Robert Green’s CAD Manager Newsletter Now!

Robert’s July 22nd article addresses The Rising Resistance to Cloud-Based CAD and he hits all the important points. This is the part of the whole concept that makes me so nervous…

This centralized model of CAD use obviously benefits the software and cloud vendors greatly (because it allows them to charge for their software and servers on an ongoing basis), but it also gives them ultimate control over your CAD system — they can disconnect you from your applications and data unless you keep paying them. [emphasis added by Jennifer]


Carlson 2016 Released

[See below for 8-7-2015 update]

Carlson Software made the 2016 version of their desktop software available for download yesterday. The products released include all desktop products that run with the included IntelliCAD or on top of your own AutoCAD-based software. The 2016 OEM/embedded AutoCAD versions of Survey and Takeoff are expected to be released in a month or so.

The programs included in this release include Civil Suite, Takeoff Suite, Survey, Civil, Hydrology, GIS, Basic Mining, Geology, Underground Mining, Surface Mining, Natural Regrade, Field, CADnet, GeoTech, Trench, Construction and Point Clouds. Carlson 2016 includes IntelliCAD 8.1 and can also be installed on top of any full AutoCAD-based software from 2010-2016. This includes AutoCAD, Map and Civil 3d but does NOT include AutoCAD LT.

Carlson 2016


You can see the full list of Carlson 2016 Improvements here. Continue reading

Carlson Software and Windows 10

Microsoft released the Windows 10 operating system for PCs this week and a lot of Carlson users have jumped to install the shiny (and free) new thing. I always recommend waiting a few weeks for kinks and bugs to be worked out before installing anything that affects all your program installations and can have such a big impact on your productivity.

However, I’ve heard from a lot of you who’ve already tried it out with Carlson 2015 and even earlier versions. Most have had success but some have called or emailed with questions. I reached out to Carlson’s tech support to ask what Carlson users can expect with Windows 10 – this is the response I received:

We have tested Carlson 2016 on pre-release Windows 10 and did not see any issues in limited testing. We expect to have 2016 compatible with Windows 10 when it ships. We may address some minor issues with Carlson 2015 if they arise, but not older versions.

If you haven’t renewed your maintenance plan or upgraded for awhile, now is really a good time. If you renew your maintenance now, before 2016 is released, you will get an immediate upgrade to 2015 and then will also receive the upgrade to 2016. Also, if your maintenance has expired, your cost to renew maintenance will increase once 2016 is released because you’ll be an additional version behind.

Click here to request a proposal for new licenses, for upgrades or maintenance renewals and find out what other goodies That CAD Girl includes with your purchase.

Update: Carlson has now posted this to their website


Are you ready for Carlson 2016?

PrintCarlson is expected to release the 2016 versions of their desktop software packages that include IntelliCAD or run on top of your AutoCAD later this month. If it follows the same pattern we can expect the embedded AutoCAD (OEM) versions of Survey and Takeoff a couple of months later.

The 2016 products can be installed on top of any full-AutoCAD program versions 2010-2016. Since Autodesk didn’t change the DWG format this year, you should be able to open and work with 2016 files with programs based on AutoCAD 2013-2015 without having to save back to an earlier version.

The 2016 release will include IntelliCAD 8.1 which, so far during my limited time testing, seems to be working pretty darn well. I’m excited to see more support for Annotative Text  and a lot of interface enhancements (like a ribbon) that make it look more and more like the brand-name product. Continue reading

Current Autodesk Promotions – Rebates, Renewals & AutoCAD LT

With the end of perpetual licensing for some/most Autodesk products coming on January 16, 2016, Autodesk is running a few promotions to encourage current users to embrace the switch.

Click here for Autodesk’s Buyer’s Guide or email me to request access to the recording of my recent webinar with an Autodesk reseller and Carlson Software programmers explaining how these changes may affect us going forward.

You will want to touch base with your local Autodesk reseller or, if you don’t currently work with anyone, email me for a recommendation

Some of the promotions include:

  • Discounted purchases of AutoCAD LT
  • Rebates on new seats, maintenance and desktop subscriptions – Ends July 24, 2015
  • Financing options and discounts for multi-year renewals – Ends July 24, 2015

Carlson Software Product Updates 7/1/2015


It’s been about a month since Carlson released the latest build of their 2015 desktop products so I figured it was time to post them here for easy access…

Download 6/9/2015 build here  This link takes you to the page where you can download a full version of the software or updates to bring your 2015 up to date.

Updates to the following desktop modules are included in this file: Survey, Civil, Hydrology, GIS, Basic Mining, Geology, Underground Mining, Surface Mining, Natural Regrade, Field, CADnet, GeoTech, Trench, Construction and Point Clouds. This can be installed on AutoCAD 2007-2015 or with included Intellicad 8.0. AutoCAD 2010-2015 releases are supported on 64-bit Windows. Your Carlson 2015 Serial number is required for installation.

Carlson 2016 will be released before too long. If you’ve let your maintenance contract expire (accidentally or on purpose!), now would be a good time to get back on board. If you renew before 2016 is released, it’ll be cheaper and you’ll receive 2015 now and 2016 when it’s released. Win! Win! Win!

You can request pricing for new licenses or upgrades here

And, while I’m at it, here are the links to download the latest updates for other programs:

Continue reading

So, How WILL We Buy CAD Software in 2016…?

Robert Green seems to have answers for everything – if you haven’t subscribed to his CAD Manager Newsletter yet, you should!

Here, in How Will You Buy CAD Software in 2016?, he tackles Autodesk’s move to a Subscription only (rental) distribution model and encourages everyone to prepare for the transition now.

The only quibble I’d have is with this quote:

It’s important to note that this change will affect only those customers who already own perpetual licenses of standalone desktop software; it does not affect customers using Autodesk product suites or those already on a desktop subscription plan or using cloud services.

Anyone who has been through the Land Desktop transition to Civil 3d should understand that statement is probably best read with a big YET inserted at the end…



Another Great Company Looking for More Great People!



Civil engineering firm has immediate openings for CAD Designers or Engineers with AutoCAD/Carlson exp. Must have 3 yrs. exp. with horizontal & vertical components used in roadway plans and profiles, drainage, water, sewer and grading for residential subdivisions, commercial developments and site planning.

Top salaries paid to qualified candidates along with a benefits package. US citizens send separate resumes detailing civil project experience (example project would be beneficial) to:

Email to
Fax to (843) 692-3210

Or by USPS to
1298 Professional Drive
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

They’re Back!! ESRI, I mean!

GTKforAD_medI got a nice surprise a few weeks ago – a call from Donny Sosa, a Survey Industry Specialist with ESRI. Donny was nice enough to come to North Carolina and present a session at my end-of-year workshops a few years ago.

Even though he gets it, I’m sure Donny groans when he hears the joke that “GIS means Get It Surveyed”… because he & I originally met after he and Brent Jones made their Why GIS Needs Surveyors presentation at a Carlson User Conference in 2009. Since then I’ve understood that he is committed to getting surveyors to provide survey-quality data to public and private GIS-systems so that the quality of the data we all rely on continues to improve.

Donny called because he remembered that a lot of my customers were excited about, and took advantage of, the free GIS Starter Kit that ESRI offered to Carlson’s IntelliCAD users after that presentation and wanted to let me know that the program is back in place.

Here are the details – effective… NOW! Continue reading