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Carlson Tip: Using Carlson Software? Here’s what to look for in a new computer

Problem: You’re running Carlson Software and need a new computer… What do you need and how much do you need to spend?

The shortest answer is to follow this link to Carlson’s website: Carlson Software System Requirements

The short answer, if you’re running one of Carlson Software’s programs with embedded AutoCAD/OEM or on top of a full AutoCAD, is to follow Autodesk’s system recommendations/requirements for the platform. The Carlson part that runs on top has a relatively light footprint compared to the AutoCAD underneath, so you’ll need to make sure your new computer can run the AutoCAD-engine and the rest will be fine. Continue reading

2014 That CAD Girl Workshop – Time to Register!


It’s workshop and PDH time again!

We’re mostly following the same calendar as last year with a 1/2 day in Asheville and 2 full days in Statesville and Raleigh. Each event includes drinks, snacks, lunch, door prizes/giveaways and “day-of-show” pricing for Carlson Software including new seats and maintenance renewals.

Register for the Statesville events by Sept 30th or for the Raleigh events by Oct 31st for early registration discounts. Late fees will be applied to registrations within one week of each event. Continue reading

Carlson Tip of the Day… Virtually “printing” to PDF, DWF, JPG and PNG files

Penwill CartoonsIf you’ve recently switched from an AutoCAD-based program to Carlson with IntelliCAD, one thing you may miss is having the ability to virtually “plot” your drawings to PDF, DWF, JPG and PNG files instead of to paper. This functionality is not included in IntelliCAD and, from what I understand, including it would have significantly increased the price of each license so the developers decided to leave it out and allow users to purchase add-on programs if needed the functionality.

So, if you need to print to one of these formats, how can you do it?

If you primarily need to create PDF files and don’t mind spending some kinda-big bucks, you can purchase a program such as Adobe AcrobatContinue reading

Carlson Tip of the Day… Wiped Out Property Corner Symbols

I get this question quite a lot and thought it would be a good topic for Tips of the day…

Problem: Lines or polylines of a boundary show up inside your open property corner symbols. See the image below for an example:

Property Corner Symbols without AutoCAD Wipeout


The additional problem is that, if you trim the lines inside the symbols to make it look cleaner, you’re actually modifying the length of property lines so the distances from corner-to-corner are no longer accurate. Continue reading

Carlson Survey 2015 with Embedded AutoCAD has been released

Carlson Survey 2015






MAYSVILLE, Ky., U.S.A. (August 13, 2014)—  Carlson Survey 2015 OEM is an easy-to-use, intuitive software. Its newest update provides upgrades to the 3D viewer that allows users to apply textures, animation, surface updates, even record movies and import Sketch-Up objects. The software’s popular field-to-finish feature has also been enhanced for 2015 to allow surveyors to do coding on pipe networks that then allows them to build a network of pipes.

Together with Carlson Survey 2015 version, which works on AutoCAD® versions 2007 to 2015 and comes with the improved IntelliCAD® 8.0 built-in, Carlson Survey OEM is the number one office software solution for surveyors in the United States.

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Carlson Tip of the Day… List of improvements in Carlson 2015 programs











  • AutoCAD 2015 – Added support for this new version.
  • IntelliCAD 8.0 – Direct support for 2013 DWG file format. Added 64-bit version. New features including support for dynamic entity reactors, layer states and  improved ddvpoint interface.
  • Google Earth – Added support for exporting 3D Faces.
  • Import 3D View Model File – New command to create drawing entities from a 3D model file.
  • Export 3D View Model File – New command to create a 3D model file from selected drawing entities.
  • 3D Model Library – New command to prepare the 3D models to use in the 3D Viewer commands.
  • Toolbar Manager – New command to save status of toolbars and allow migrating toolbar settings between versions.
  • File Selection – Added list of subfolders within current folder and button to move up a folder level. Added option for warning when selecting a data file that is not within the current project folders.
  • Textures – Added 40 new textures for 3D viewing.
  • Settings File Manager – Added function to compare two settings files and report differences.
  • Leader With Text – Added option for horizontal tick and option to create with Mtext.
  • Join Nearest – Added filters for common colors and linetypes.
  • Join Polyline By Trace – New command to join linework into a polyline with prompts at intersections

Continue reading

Carlson 2015 Has Been Released!

Carlson posted the 2015 versions of their for CAD (IntelliCAD or AutoCAD 2004-2015) on Tuesday afternoon… you can Download Carlson 2015 products with IntelliCAD here. The 2015 versions of embedded AutoCAD products (Survey and Takeoff OEM) will be released later this summer.

If your maintenance contract is current or you have purchased 2014 products within the past 90 days, you’re automatically eligible for an upgrade to 2015. Click here to look up your 2015 serial number using your 2014 serial number. Continue reading

New Update for Carlson Survey 2014 with Embedded AutoCAD (OEM) is available

Carlson Software posted a new build with updates to Survey 2014 with embedded AutoCAD on 7/14/2014. The latest build can be downloaded here: Carlson Software Downloads Page.

To find your current “build”, open your Carlson desktop software and go to the Help menu and click About Carlson. The current build is listed on the top line in the text window and corresponds to the date it was posted. For instance, the build shown below – 140211 – was released on Feb 11, 2014.

Current Carlson Build